Professional training

Horse – human – relationship




Methodical training approach




An offer for people who:


want to work professionally in horse training or in the horse-human relationship
and / or
would like to develop personally in an intensive way in the field of horse training




Would you like to…


… learn how to train young horses, horses with special issues or horses with difficult behavior?
… learn how to communicate with horses in a subtle and connected way using your body language, signals and inner clarity to build a secure relationship characterized by trust?
… get to know a horse training approach that combines methodical, consecutive elements with lively, relationship-oriented knowledge?






Contents at a glance:


Theory and practice on the following topics:


The intention of the training approach is to establish communication between horse and human that leads to safety, trust, framework, clarity and healthy boundaries.


– Learning theory – conscious use of different types of reinforcement
– Building blocks and systematic structure of training for the horse-human relationship
– Training the use of signals, space, timing, precision, body language, energy
– Dealing with stress, pressure, dominance and aggression in horse training – adopting a broader perspective
– Ground work: rope work, free work, obstacles, loading training, double lunge, anti-fright training
– Riding: On the rope halter, indoor / arena riding, cross-country riding, riding patterns, seat training, starting horses, independence exercises, riding with a second horse beside, liberty riding, circus elements in riding

Riding can also be omitted as part of the training. Ground work is the prerequisite for adding riding as content.









Practical information


Organization of the modules:
Experiential exercises without horse, time with horse, exercises with horse, demos, theory, discussion, exchange and debriefing, own development of topics, individual lessons or group lessons depending on the number of participants




Location and address:
The Place of Grace, 13, Chemin de Saint Chaptes,
F-30190 Moussac
in the south of France, 20 km from Nîmes




How to get there:
Without a horse:
There is a TGV train station in Nîmes. You can be picked up from there.
There are airports in Montpellier, Nîmes Garons and Marseille. From there you can take the train to Nîmes.
With horse:
Accompaniment / takeover of the horse transport possible by arrangement
A trailer ride can be organized




Partially and on request possible on the farm: in a studio with kitchen and bathroom or in your own camper/tent. An outdoor kitchen, a lounge and a bathroom can be used on site.

Further accommodation can be found not far from the farm in guesthouses or via AirBNB.




Self-catering, lunch or dinner together by arrangement




Number of participants:
Individual lessons or small group of maximum 4 people


Duration of training:

Recommendation 30 days,
shorter or longer period possible by arrangement




Costs for 30 days (payment in installments possible):
5550 €
Included is:
30 days of attendance and lessons – theory and practice (4 hours per day)
teaching materials
Boarding at “The Place of Grace” for own horse or horse on loan




possible in blocks or in one go by arrangement




If you are interested in the training, please contact me.




Phone +49 (0)1717510654


Have a look at the website of Ines and the place “The Place of Grace”: