Peaceful Horsetraining

                   Moirin Ferlemann


I am Moirin. It is important to me to accompany you with horses in such a way that the relationship between you is in the foreground. I work independently of riding style.
In training, horses are often ignored and have to function. To conclude from this that horses get along better without humans does not suit me. I am convinced that horses, together with humans, can experience joy and relationship and that it is valuable for both sides.
In training, it is important to me that there is a balance between “being” and “doing” and that I see the horse’s needs. I also want to be seen by the horse. For me, this includes the issue of safety. I want to shape the relationship in such a way that boundaries are shown and seen.
When being together with the horse, I see it as the human’s task to familiarize the horse with signals and objects so that it can orient itself in the world alongside the human.
The elements of learning theory help us to shape communication when dealing with horses and to experience moments of movement and stillness together with the horse.


Peaceful Horsetraining

for me means being aware of my inner attitude towards myself, the horse and people. Inner issues and trauma arise in relationships with other living beings. Consciously dealing with these issues makes it possible to live a peaceful relationship with the horse.
I am interested in the question of whether the contact with the horse at this moment contributes to bringing more peace into the equine world.



Contact with yourself is of great importance if you want to get involved with your horse.

Clarity about what you want, your wishes, your feelings and your presence in your body help to shape the relationship.


Being in the PresenT and trust

Curiosity and understanding

Relationship and encounter

Clarity and boundaries

Stillness and movement

Play and lightness

Authenticity and naturalness

Body awareness and leadership

Doing and not doing