Horses for sale

Are you looking for your horse for life?


I would be happy to help you decide which horse to buy and advise you on which one might suit you.
If you are interested in one of my horses for sale, you can get to know it as follows:


1. view video and photos

2. consultation on the phone / via Zoom

3. possibility > to get to know the horse on site
You come by for a few days and get lessons with the horse of your choice
If you take the horse home with you, you only pay the purchase price and the introductory period is free of charge. (7 days / 3 hours per day free of charge)
If you realize that the horse doesn’t suit you, you only pay for the introductory period. (Costs: see horse time)

4. transportation to your home can be taken over by me free of charge

In order for your future dream horse to move in with you, you need an open stable space!



You want to give your horse away?

Do you have a horse that you can’t get along with because it exhibits difficult behavior?
Is the horse no more than 10 years old and healthy?
Then please contact me. I will take a look at the horse and, if it is suitable, I can take it on to train it and look for a new home.