About me





since 2023 Training Somatic Experiencing® & EQUUSOMA®
& Accompagnement de Grace (Ines Kaiser)

2023 Animal communication course

since 2022 Collaboration with Ines Kaiser

since 2020 self-employed horse trainer

since 2018 Horse Indigo

2017 to 2021 Further training with Thomas Günther

since 2016 Horse Faraon

2015 to 2021 Horse trainer in team Natural Horsemanship

2015 Training as a nurse

2013 Entry into Natural horsemanship

2012 Technical diploma in social and health care

2003 Vaulting and riding

1994 Birthday


I am Moirin. I have been attracted to horses since I was a child. I gained my first riding experience in a dressage stable and with Equestrian participations.

After my training as a nurse in psychiatry, I was also drawn to horses professionally.

In 2016, I had the opportunity to do a proffessional training in natural horsemanship in northern Germany. After that, I worked as a permanent team member in all areas.
I particularly enjoyed leading the trainer courses and immersing myself in the learning process with horses and people. I am very grateful for the eventful time and found a home in the place and the people for almost 7 years.


I also got to know my two horses Faraon and Indigo during this time.
I also trained regularly with Thomas Günther and spent a lot of time on his riding stable in Kassel.
Among other things, my training was geared towards putting on shows with other trainers. Performing together as a team and with the horses gave me great pleasure.


Nevertheless, I got to a point where I was no longer sure what I wanted to do with my own two horses. I lost motivation because I had the feeling that they weren’t enjoying what I was working on with them. So I spent more time roaming freely through the forest with them.

Unexpectedly, life gave me a forced break when I fell off Indigo in 2020 and broke a few vertebrae in my back. During my recovery phase, I spent a lot of time thinking about fear and safety when riding. After the break, it became an issue for me to regain my safety and confidence not through control, but through my relationship with the horse.

I increasingly felt the desire for a deeper connection with horses. This desire led me to leave the north of Germany to experience and explore complementary approaches to the horse-human relationship.

My path led me and my horses to Ines Kaiser. Ines lives in the south of France in “The Place of Grace”. She is an experienced and intuitive horsewoman who has been working for many years on the horse-human relationship in the context of trauma and quantum principles. After a short time, it became clear to me that I would stay here for the time being.

I have been living here since 2022, exploring the horses and myself and getting closer and closer to feeling and perceiving. In horse training, I have found a sense of purpose again and a great desire to make a difference in the world of horses.


This link leads to the external website of Ines Kaiser and The Place of Grace – www.ineskaiser-grace.fr 


Approaches such as Somatic Experiencing®, EQUUSOMA® and animal communication inspire my support for horses and humans. 

I am currently undergoing Somatic Experiencing® training, which I will complete in December 2025.




This link leads to the external website of Somatic Experiencing® – https://traumahealing.org/
This link leads to the external website of EQUUSOMA® – www.equusoma.com