Horse time in the South of France at the horse farm “The Place of Grace” with private lessons

An offer

… for people who:

– participate with their own horse or a horse of the Place of Grace
– want to work intensively with themselves and their horse
– are facing small or large challenges with their horse (or themselves)




… for horses that:

Category 1: Horses with problematic behavior:
– Horse does not allow itself to be touched / caught
– Horse is very afraid of ropes, objects
– Horse bites, kicks, rears up
– Horse tears itself loose

Category 2: Young horses for starting

Category 3: Horses with special issues:
– Horse is afraid of water / spray bottles
– Horse won’t stand still at the tie-up / when mounting
– Horse should get to know liberty work
– Horse should be more relaxed in the trailer


Do you…
…really want to move something between you and your horse?
…move with horses in a way that creates flow and magic?
…experience feelings of connection and happiness for yourself and the horse through fine communication?
…learn a combination of technique, sensitivity and relationship that strengthens your interaction with your horse?
…recognize how your inner attitude, your state of mind, your intention and your handling of feelings affect the horse?
…build a real connection and relationship with horses?
…learn to communicate finely with horses through your body language and inner alignment?
…gain a deeper understanding of the techniques used in liberty work, groundwork with a leadrope and riding?


The content is individually tailored to your wishes and needs. We look for a balance between what you want and what is important to the horse. Sometimes it is helpful to experience the issues that arise with your horse with other horses. It is possible to train for this with horses from the yard.

Relationship with you and the horse
Horses react sensitively to our feelings and inner attitude. Being together requires emotional congruence, clarity, presence, patience and empathy. You learn to be in contact with yourself in order to build a connection with the horse. We look at where it makes sense to make agreements with the horse and where we leave the interaction free so that encounters can arise spontaneously.

Balance between being and doing
Horses need us to spend time with them in presence and in being. This is associated with the activities.
In contact with the horse, you learn to match your own energy to the horse and use your body language to communicate precisely. You get to know your energy by exploring the spectrum of intensity, thereby expanding the tolerance window of you and the horse. You get to know your own limits and can expand or consolidate them in contact with the horse. You can use understandable signals to move the horse in a targeted manner.
We can look at topics such as refining aids, movement in all directions and from all spatial positions with and without a rope, tolerance development for high intensity and trailerloading.
Perhaps you have other individual concerns, I would be happy to hear about them.



Practical information

1 – 8 weeks
2 – 4 hours per day
Break days are possible 🙂


70 -100 € per hour
(depending on how relaxed you are about spending money, you can choose how much you want to pay)


Accommodation possible directly on the farm:
Own tent or camper (shared kitchen and bathroom) 15€ per night
Studio (24sqm, own kitchen, bathroom) 100€ per night


You can find many more accommodations nearby via Airbnb.



by arrangement


Horse accommodation:
20€ per night
10€ per night from 3 weeks stay
Your horse stands alone in a large paddock with visual contact to other horses or together with a horse from the farm.


Horse transportation possible by arrangement.


Lesson content:
Experiential exercises without horse, time with horse, exercises with horse, demos, theory and debriefings


Location and address:
The Place of Grace, 13, Chemin de Saint Chaptes,
F-30190 Moussac- South of France, 20 km from Nîmes


by arrangement


Have a look at the website of Ines Kaiser and the place “The Place of Grace”: